Thursday, January 16, 2014

Three Secrets for Coping with a Difficult Situation

Let’s face it, difficult situations show up all the time in a myriad of ways. But there is a method to cope regardless of the nuances, which will help you maintain inner peace and consistency. First, you need to make a decision. It sounds simple, I know, but this is the area where most of us struggle. You often deal with the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” scrutiny leaving you stuck in analysis paralysis. If you start from there imagine how the rest of this ordeal will go for you, you will be left feeling uneasy, nervous, or upset. Make up your mind and MOVE forward! Your inner peace will come from the confidence that you know you’re doing what is best for you. Second, forgive and let go. Truthfully, this may be harder than making a decision. But if you are confident in yourself, then you know whatever may be holding you back can be released through forgiveness. The ability to move forward freely will occur when nothing is stopping you from your own happiness. Acknowledge whatever may be stopping you and let it go. Step three, is probably the easiest, (finally)! Have a positive attitude! Your attitude is the ONLY thing in this world that you can really control. Imagine you’re wearing rose colored glasses, everything you see would be tainted pink, right? Right. Well that’s like life, if you look around at everything feeling sad, lonely, abysmal, even mad, then everything will appear the same way. You get the say in how things look and how they turn out by simply having a positive attitude. So get on those sunglasses and look at it through a positive light; you need to know that the end result will be a wise decision, and with this system – it will!

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  1. Beautiful post Renee -I especially like and have learned from 'Your inner peace will come from the confidence' - Thank you :)