Friday, July 12, 2013

A Healing Heart

There is a saying “Hearts heal faster from surgery than from loss” , which so true as sometimes it seems as if centuries will pass by and this pain won’t go away. Losing someone dear in life can be a tormenting experience. While we say our goodbyes so many times in life, the last goodbye is so hard to say and to understand the fact that we may not hear or see this person again. Even though we know that death is not uncommon. It happens everyday. Every second someone is dying. But when someone we love passes away, our worst fear becomes a reality. Our world comes crashing down. We ask ourselves how did this happen. Life stops with the departure of that loved one. We feel grief.
In life there are different times. At one moment you are happy at another you might be sad or worried. Life has all kinds of surprises, emotions, situations in store for you. Living them is actually life. In this world everything has an opposite. Life has death, anger has self-control, hatred has love and so grief has joy. It is funny how in order to understand and appreciate something you need to have experienced its opposite. No one would appreciate life if death wasn’t there. You won’t learn self-control until you have lost yourself once. Once you hate someone you realize loving is more fun. Similarly grief makes us appreciate joy.
When our loved one  passes away we feel our life has stopped. Letting go seems impossible. Different people have different ways to cope with grief. Whatever way you deal your loss with, it is important to resolve your grief. There are people who choose to ignore the pain they feel after losing someone important in their lives. Ignoring will only make it worse. Such people often pass into a depression phase.  Grief and sorrow won’t go away until you deal with it.
My mother always said happiness when shared becomes more and sorrow when shared becomes lesser. It is good to have a friend on whose shoulder you can put your head and cry. People also join support groups to overcome their grief by discussing it with other people and listening to their life stories. Whatever way we choose to overcome grief the thing to remember is life goes on, even though this fact is hard to admit, it still remains a fact. You cry at night, reminiscing about the way your mother loved and protected you when you were a kid or how your soul- mate used to know everything you wanted before you could even tell them, but in the morning when you wake up you are alright. That’s because every night has a day to look forward to. You just have to be patient, though it is better said than done but one must try. Remember healing from grief is not something you’ll get in one day, a month or months, it takes time. So give it time.  Emotions are an unique creation of God. Everybody goes through a loss in their own way. But remember God is ALWAYS with us.

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