Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Should We Grieve?

There are two occurrences in life that are 100% guaranteed: being born and the other is dying. When a person dies or passes on from earth, the remaining people (family, friends, and associates) go through different phases or levels of grief. The grieving process can consist of physical, emotional, and spiritual responses. Your response will not be the same as another person. God created all of us in His image. We have different dreams and goals in life. We have different responses to stress and situations.

As a medical professional, I experience first-hand how the body functions and preforms on a daily basis. God’s masterpiece, the human body can sense and respond different depending if the stimuli are positive or negative. The word of God is our compass and direction in life. When my family proceeded through the grieving process ONLY God supplied peace, joy, and a renewed mind in Him. 

My book is titled, " Sunday Grief, M.D.  I will share my family's journey to resting in God’s arms. The word of God will encourage and strengthen us along life’s pathway. God is the ONLY refuge when trials and tribulations come. God is the antidote to going through the grieving process. God will comfort and give confidence. Yes, God had already made the way  to proceed through the grieving process.  

Sunday Grief, M.D. displays my love for my brother, Junior. I'm transparent in revealing the process of grief through my eyes of being his sister and an anesthesiologist. God has given me this mission to express wisdom and guidance to inspire others to trust God throughout the grieving process.

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