Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Am I Driving or being Driven: Purpose

    As we travel throughout life, there are hills, mountains, valleys, and pits that we conquer and overcome. Transportation is a very important tool in many truly all of our lives.

    Be it a car, plane, bus, bike and even the soles of our feet move and transport us from one degree to another in life. For an example, an automobile is an amazing creation, the integral parts all work together for a common goal which is to move forward, back, and even left and right. Millions and millions of people every day operate some mode of transportation to make life easier. We can travel from one state to another and from one country to another in one going and going down to the sun.

    As we proceed through traffic are we driving or being driven. To view others driving, there are speed racers and slow motion operators. To be true to myself I have been in both shoes be it a speed racer and a slow motion operator. To dash in and out of traffic or at a slow pace (speed limit) is a decision that has been a journey. Driving for all to see, driving to be a risk or a hazard to others and myself should not enter a thought. But this is what I, a Southern Bell has done. The speed odometer displays the true and accurate motion of the vehicle because it can accelerate to 160-180 miles per hour does not mean I need obtain this goal.

    With open eyes, with an open heart, I operate an automobile as unto life. I decide to drive and not be driven. I decide to LOOK on in amazement, excitement of how God created this world. From the smallest animal to the most intelligent creation, this is mankind. We have to enjoy the air we breathe and the path of our lives. . Enjoy each phase of our lives. Walk with expectation, Walk with determination, Walk with the goal of bringing a smile or positive energy to all that we met. To drive is a world of joy and peace instead of being driven by the cares of the world. Family, friends, and people who do not know the inner drive is to Love. Therefore, spread Love every step, every mile, every level to show that you are driving and not allowing yourself to be driven by negative thoughts and emotions. Being in the drivers' seat can be enjoyable and peaceful, if we ONLY transport Love from my face to yours. So be it.


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  2. Lovely blog Rene Sunday. I am also fond of traveling - and it is a joy to read about other peoples travels, you can put your experience of your part of the world on my website News page after reading minibook 'Janet and Sophie on Public Right of Ways' find out more on my blog
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    Love from Lorraine A. Jones

    1. Thank you for your comments.,I liked your Facebook page.

  3. I love your blog, Renee! Keep up the great work!

  4. It is so very unfortunate that most of us are being driven by vehicles of our own making. Vehicles powered by selfishness and greed. Vehicles powered by more gas than the sense it takes to brake, to stop along the highways and byways of life to offer a smile, a kind word, a touch, a hand, an I love you because you are me and I am you. If you're going to be driven, be driven by a vehicle that will do a drive by in the worst part of town. Not to look down your nose at anyone, but to say hey, what can I do for you today? I salute what you're doing Renee, and I pray that God, in His infinite wisdom, will continue to grant unto you, His outrageous mercy and His amazing grace. Always Willie

  5. Thank you so much for your comments. God bless.


  6. Very well said..Let God continue to use you and your stories to touch lives of many, giving them insight on views of natural life experiences and applying each detail to change our walk in the direction of Christ. God Bless you!! Love you, Evanglist Stephanis Battles Brown